Friday, March 29, 2013

Deuxième blogue

Now let's see how each Dynamic View displays the images and text. Magazine and Mosaic are pretty cool... but the important thing will be my beautiful photos, right?

This elderly Chinese woman was in shape! Followed us all the way up to Jinshanling Wall of China (2011) and insisted on giving an improvised tour:
"You buy souvenir? Later? Ok. Later... Every day, I come. Every day five hours! This side Mongolia, this side China. This part, Xing dynasty. That part Ming dynasty. Now you buy souvenir?"
"Ok now you buy souvenir!? Ok?"
Noisy miners - native birds from Australia

Premier post

Voyons voir de quoi cette template a l'air avec une belle photo de mon petit neveu adorable, Léo. C'est le plus beau, le plus fin et le plus drôle.

"Is it really Good Friday? Thank the Lord for statutory holidays!"
And a second picture for good measure. The stunning Maheno shipwreck on the beach of Fraser Island.

Yep, I photoshopped the tourists out of the picture.

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